La Traviata

by Giuseppe Verdi

Shanghai Opera
Shanghai Grand Theatre

Shanghai Opera
  • March 2017
    19:15 > 22:15
    3 hours

The story happens on a cruise liner “White La Traviata” travelling from Shanghai to France in the year of the 1920s. Alfredo Germont, a young bourgeois from a provincial family who has long adored Violetta from afar. Gastone, Alfredo’s friend, tells Violetta that Alfredo loves her, and that while she was ill, he came to her house every day. Alfredo joins them, admitting the truth of Gastone's remarks. A year later on the “White La Traviata”, Alfredo finally wins Violetta’s heart and they live together happily. To prove his love, Alfredo telegraphs his father Giorgio Germont that he will give all bequests to Violetta. Giorgio Germont is very anxious. He meets Violetta when the cruise liner stops at Casablanca and demands that she break off her relationship with his son for the sake of his family, since he reveals that Violetta's relationship with Alfredo has threatened his daughter's engagement because of Violetta's reputation. She responds that she cannot end the relationship because she loves him so much, but Giorgio pleads with her for the sake of his family. With growing remorse, she finally agrees. Violetta pretends to fall in love with Baron Douphol and breaks up with Alfredo. Furiously, Alfredo humiliates and denounces Violetta in front of the guests, then leaves the cruise liner with his father. Six months passed, “White La Traviata” is back to Paris. Regretting what he has done, Giorgio tells his son that Violetta has made much sacrifice for him and his sister. He sends his son to see Violetta on the cruise liner. But it’s too late. Violetta knows that she will not live long since her tuberculosis has worsened. After singing a duet with Alfredo, Violetta suddenly revives, exclaiming that the pain and discomfort have left her. A moment later, she dies in Alfredo's arms.

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La Traviata

  • Violetta Valerì Soprano Jessica Pratt
  • Alfredo Tenor Francesco Demuro
  • Giorgio Germont Baritone Zhang Feng
  • Flora Bervoix Mezzosoprano Jia Wenxuan
  • Gastone de Letorières Tenor Chen Chaobin
  • Annina Soprano Wang Xiaoxi
  • Barone Douphol Baritone Yu Yang
  • Marchese d’Obigny Bass Xie Nan
  • Dottore Grenvil Bass Wu Yiqun
  • Giuseppe Tenor Li Xinyu
  • Flora’s servant Bass Tang Minjie
  • Commissioner Bass Sun Yi

The Composition

La Traviata

Libretto written in italian by Francesco Maria Piave, was first premiered on a Sunday on March 06 of 1853
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Giuseppe Verdi

Short biography of the composer
Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi (9 or 10 October 1813 – 27 January 1901) was an Italian opera composer. Verdi was born near Busseto to a provincial family of moderate means, and developed a musical education with the help of a local patron. Verdi came to dominate the Italian opera scene after the era of Bellini, Donizetti and Rossini, whose works significantly influenced him, becoming one of the pre-eminent opera composers in history. In his early operas Verdi demonstrated a sympathy with the Risorgimento movement which sought the unification of Italy. He also participated briefly as an elected politician. The chorus "Va, pensiero" from his early opera Nabucco (1842), and similar choruses in later operas, were much in the spirit of the unification movement, and the composer himself became esteemed as a representative of these ideals. An intensely private person, Verdi however did not seek to ingratiate himself with popular movements and as he became professionally successful was able to reduce his operatic workload and sought to establish himself as a landowner in his native region. He surprised the musical world by returning, after his success with the opera Aida (1871), with three late masterpieces: his Requiem (1874), and the operas Otello (1887) and Falstaff (1893). His operas remain extremely popular, especially the three peaks of his 'middle period': Rigoletto, Il trovatore and La traviata, and the bicentenary of his birth in 2013 was widely celebrated in broadcasts and performances.


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