'I Puritani' conquer Savonlinna

P. UNAMUNO - El Mundo
02 August 2017
The Canary Islands tenor Celso Albelo and the British soprano Jessica Pratt collected the greatest ovations for their interpretation of the protagonists of the love drama between Arturo and Elvira in the context of the civil war between the Puritans who supported Cromwell and the monarchists for the Stuarts.

The Madrileni Puritan elevate Belcanto to intoxicating heights

Hannu-Ilari Lampila - Helsingin Sanomat
02 August 2017
Jessica Pratt shined in the female part of the Puritians as the center of all emotions. ... The english soprano Jessica Pratt is a top level, exhilarating and passionate Elvira. Ardent with joy and heartbreaking when hit by sorrow. The famous and spectacular mad scene lasts for almost half an hour. The bright and radiant Jessica Pratt has an extraordinary ability to project on the long range, ecstatic coloratura and delicate temperament. Elvira is not alone. In this as in other scenes, the chorus is actively involved in an collective emotional resonance chamber. When the empathy from chorus and orchestra support the passion of the soloist, the spell of the show raises to intoxicating heights.

Belcanto, hypnotic beauty

Jan Granberg - HBL
02 August 2017
The madness scene was once the emotional culmination of the romantic operas. There's three of them in I Puritani, among the most beautiful of the genre. Here in this production the protagonist, Elvira, runs around with a shining crescent in her arms. Jessica Pratt played enthusiastically and was brilliant both in the delicate and the virtuoso music.

Opera I Puritani bewitches the audience

Mikko OjajÀrvi - Savonmaa
02 August 2017
Similar story to Romeo and Juliette with the difference that Elvira of the Puritans (il soprano Jessica Pratt) and Arturo (il tenore Celso Albelo) survive in the end. The Olavinlinna audience was stunned by the opera and above all by Jessica Pratt. She sang like a nightingale, long phrases and apparently without any effort.

The "Teatro Real" invades Finland

JULIO BRAVO - Finanzas
02 August 2017
Soprano Jessica Pratt (highly acclaimed with a resounding stamping of feet, here considered a symbol of triumph) and tenor Celso Albelo have been the protagonists of this Finnish transfer of I Puritani.

Opera review: Jessica Pratt dazzles with her singing

Riitta-Leena Lempinen-Vesa - OOpera
01 August 2017
Similarly high is the vocal level. Jessica Pratt is a world-class coloratura soprano with powerful notes and a natural vibrato. Very high quality of sound on both high and dramatically low notes. The protagonists depict love and madness, the audience holds their breath at every vocal virtuosity. 
 Pratt is also a great actress and a brilliant performer.

RIGOLETTO - directed by Ivo Guerra

Federica Fanizza - Sipario
14 July 2017
The undisputed star of the evening was Jessica Pratt's Gilda, a role that she has consolidated and refined in her international career, after her debut in Italy in 2007 with the As.Li.Co circuit. Her Gilda is free from childish gestures, she defines a mature character, conscious of her actions. Here in the Arena she underlined more the lyrical and intimate aspect of the character with a clear and smooth singing line. We can forgive her embellishment in "Caro Nome" but she has been able to calibrate voice and breath to make herself heard on the highest seats of the arena; In the touching confession of "Tutte le feste al tempio", Pratt showed all her true soprano nature with the accurate use of her vocal means. And as always as in the style of the artist, she's been leading in ensembles as in the scene of the third act.

Jessica Pratt debutta a Parigi

Musica Progetto
13 July 2017
Not available in English
Il soprano australiano debutterĂ  a Parigi con una “Lucia di Lammermoor” in omaggio a Maria Callas Il timbro luminoso e la tecnica virtuosistica rendono Jessica Pratt una delle interpreti piĂč importanti del repertorio del bel canto romantico. Con uno dei titoli piĂč popolari di questo stile, la donizettiana Lucia di Lammermoor, il soprano australiano debutterĂ  a Parigi inaugurando il 12 settembre la stagione 2017/18 del ThĂ©Ăątre des Champs-ÉlysĂ©es. Il melodramma romantico per eccellenza Ăš un titolo molto caro a Jessica Pratt – che con questo capolavoro ha fatto il suo debutto nel mondo operistico nel 2007 – ed Ăš l’opera che ha eseguito piĂč di tutte nella sua carriera, in alcuni dei teatri piĂč importanti del mondo come la Fenice di Venezia, il San Carlo di Napoli, la Scala di Milano, l'Opera di Zurigo, l’Opera di Israele, la Deutsche Oper di Berlino, l’Opera di Amsterdam e il Victorian Opera di Melbourne. Nel suo debutto parigino sarĂ  accompagnata dall’Orchestre National d'Ile-de-France diretta da Roberto Abbado, in commemorazione del quarantennio dalla scomparsa della leggendaria Maria Callas, accaduta nella capitale francese. «Debuttare in questa cittĂ  Ăš un sogno, ancora di piĂč con un ruolo che ogni volta che canto mi emoziona particolarmente, perchĂ© mi ha sempre accompagnata nella mia carriera», dice il soprano. In questo caso l'emozione si moltiplica «in quanto l'opera sarĂ  un omaggio a una delle voci piĂč importanti della storia e che ammiro molto, Maria Callas». Dopo il suo impegno a Parigi nella sua futura agenda ci saranno Il Flauto Magico di Mozart con la Los Angeles Philharmonic in una serie di concerti sotto la direzione di Gustavo Dudamel (ottobre), Don Pasquale all'ABAO-OLBE, L'elisir d'amore al Gran Teatre del Liceu di Barcellona, ??La Sonnambula al Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, il suo ritorno al Metropolitan di New York con Lucia di Lammermoor, Il Flauto magico ad Amburgo e Semiramide alla Fenice di Venezia, oltre ad altri . Per il 2018 Ăš previsto il suo atteso debutto alla Sydney Opera House.

Exceptional 'Tancredi' in Valencia

Revista Musical Catalana
12 July 2017
Pratt is one of the few performers who has managed to take over the almost legendary Amenaide of Mariella Devia. The wording, the voluptuousness of the high notes and the scenic control of the character added up to another success of the unstoppable career of Australian coloratura soprano. Memorable the naturalness with which she faced the great "Gran Dio!" scene, undoubtedly one of Rossini's most elaborate productions, as well as the beautiful "Com'Ăš all'alma mia dolce" from the first act.


Francesco Lodola e Stefano de Ceglia - Ieri, Oggi, Domani, Opera
09 July 2017
Jessica Pratt returned to the Arena with one of her most significant roles, Gilda. And she was a wonderful protagonist: full of rush and emotions. She is capable of supporting both the coloratura (with a gorgeous "Caro Nome") and the dramatic side of the character. What comes out is a fresh, vocally impeccable, portrait. The soprano, famous for the perfection of her high range, performed a series of "puntature", one more beautiful than the other, as the one in the finale of the tempest scene, brilliant for it's focus and precision.

Verona, Arena Opera Festival 2017 - Pratt and Demuro in Rigoletto

Fabio Larovere - Connessi all'Opera
09 July 2017
Jessica Pratt faced with security and determination the role of the naive daughter of the jester, underlining her character and determination, especially when she decides to sacrifice herself for the beloved one. The excellent "belcantista" did not fail to impeccably embroider her aria "Caro nome", executed with all the appropriate "putanture".

Great and well-deserved success for the replica of Giuseppe Verdi's 'best work'

Simone Tomei - Gli Amici della Musica
09 July 2017
Gilda has been masterfully interpreted by Australian soprano, but by now adopted by Italy, Jessica Pratt; an approach to the character done as the great professional she is, has given her the opportunity to show off her wonderful fresh vitality and an interpretative taste out of the ordinary; excellent accents, polished "fraseggio" and precise "messe di voce" always for the right motivation and aimed to the goal of of bringing to light the characteristics of a role not at all easy: the voice is stable, impeccable the tuning as the interaction with the other characters, always with great understanding and vocal blending.

Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi

KO - Anaclase
06 July 2017
Hailed last autumn in Bergamo, Jessica Pratt raised the role of Gilda to heaven! We are blinded by the purity and easiness of the singing line, always based on a solid technique and the great scenic presence of the Australian diva.

Analysis of the opera Tancredi

Agencia Nuevas Dimensiones
06 July 2017
Jessica Pratt proved to be a really promising artist. Her voice has everything she needs to deal with "belcanto". Very flexible and with astonishing and strong high notes achieved with great simplicity. Nevertheless, she is still very young and is therefore destined to become a very interesting singer. Magnificent in "More sweet and placid" and "No, that the dying is not".

Les arts 2016/2017: Tancredi (Barcellona-Pratt-Shi-Spagnoli; Sagi_Abbado)

03 July 2017
Jessica Pratt, the english soprano (Bristol 1979), living in Australia, who is becoming one of todays reference "belcantista", sang Amenaide, challenging such an inspired Barcelona, and offering us an extraordinary replica that has suspended the physical sensation of space and time, during the second act, with her aria "che Dio Giusto adorano umile". Pratt has a beautiful, clear and penetrating light soprano lyrical voice, both on the high and extremely high registry, of explosive precision. But what I liked most about her performance was in fact this dominion of the voice and of the audience. Only the greatest artists are able to impose the silence. That silence that is overwhelmingly noticeable when a singer distributes pauses to a theater absolutely at it's feet. She did it with great sensibility, with careful and clear musicality, with a dazzling technique, with ornaments, trills and scales at the service of emotions. Stratospheric in the duets with Tancredi, in a joyous alternation of beauty at the service of singing. Belcanto, the most pure, the most beautiful.

An exquisite season finale

Antonio GĂłmez Schneekloth -
03 July 2017
It was a moment of great emotional depth by Daniela Barcellona (Tancredi) and a superb Jessica Pratt (Amenaide), emphasized by the orchestra and its director Roberto Abbado with an impressive piano that led to silence, namely death.

Rossini's "Tancredi" closes the 16/17 season of the Palau des Artes

Alejandro MartĂ­nez - Platea Magazine
02 July 2017 her side shined, Jessica Pratt's Amenaide, a singer that convinces from every point of view with her technical competence with which she administers her instrument. On the line of Mariella Devia, the Australian soprano offers a pure emission and a clear and precise singing...

Tancredi dies within the applauses

Alberto Bosco - Il Giornale della Musica
01 July 2017
Valencia: success for Barcellona and Pratt with Roberto Abbado on the podium ... The first reason of this success is the pair of protagonists, Daniela Barcellona and Jessica Pratt: their duets (one per act) were the highlight of the evening, and those who were lucky enough to hear them brought home a lesson on what singing Rossini means, a means to sublimate action and drama in a greater dimension of ideal beauty. ... Pratt showed off an astounding control of technical and vocal means (her cabaletta in the second act brought down the theatre ...

Palau de les Arts in Valencia closes the season with the remarkable performances of 'Werther' and 'Tancredi'

Xavier Cester - El cronista errant
30 June 2017
Along with Barcelona, Jessica Pratt was a sensational Amenide: full voice, agile on both the high registry and the explosive super-high notes, and meticulous phrasing.

Interview with Jessica Pratt

Paloma Sanz - Brio Classica
27 June 2017
Rumors claim she's the natural successor of Joan Sutherland. In fact, the Australian soprano is considered one of the best international performers of her repertoire. She now arrives in Spain, at the Palau les Arts Reian SofĂ­a in Valencia, where she debuts as Amenaide from Rossini's Tancredi. A great opportunity to witness the incredible skills of this great performer.

The voice, what an unreplaceble value

Rosa SolĂ  - Valencia Plaza
26 June 2017
...[Jessica Pratt] soon took the reins, and challenged with drama and credibility the dreadful demands that Rossini poses. Agilities overcome without problems, same for the legati. Together with Barcellona they navigated through the most agitated parts as the most poetic ones. In short: the public enjoyed two accomplished artists who unite an impeccable technique to the deep knowledge of the Rossinian language.

Rossini triumphant: Daniela Barcellona heads a stylish and emotional Tancredi in Valencia

Laura Servidei - Backtrack
26 June 2017
Amenaide, sung by Jessica Pratt, is a more ethereal creature, overwhelmed by events. She is unable to navigate through them, to the point that, somehow, she fails to explain herself to Tancredi and convince him she didn't betray him. Pratt's voice was in excellent form, and it had exactly the right features for Amenaide: a somewhat cold brightness and purity, strong and powerful high notes, with precision and agility in the coloratura, which turned almost Queen of the Night-ish. All this contributed to a convincing, three-dimensional character, whose innocence shone like a diamond against everybody's accusations and doubts. Her high notes were truly spectacular, and her interpretation moving and emotional. Her Act 2 aria and cabaletta were a true journey into Amenaide's soul, where Pratt led us through pain and desperation to hope and joy.

"TANCREDI" (Gioachino Rossini) - Palau de les Arts - 06/23/17

Atticus's Blog
26 June 2017
...yesterday even more so, the exhibition of Belcanto in it's purest form, offered by Jessica Pratt, was sublime. It was the first time that the soprano rose to the main stage of "Les Artes" to sing an opera, after the brief appearance in the infamous auditorium in 2015 in Mozart's Davidde Penitente, from which we had good impressions, but nothing compared to the master lesson of last night. Jessica Pratt dazzled us with a spectacular vocal brilliance, an uncontested dominance of the upper range and an exquisite and polished vocal line, producing delicate and ethereal sounds without loosing body or presence. A refined singing, adorned with elegant control (sensational, for example, the pianissimi in Giusto Dio che umile adoro); an uncontaminated coloratura in which every note is placed with perfect refinement; every mordente; every trill; every picchiettato; every detail of the score was perfectly heard, transformed in those celestial sounds that the Australian soprano offered us yesterday.

Les Arts' Tancredi overcomes accidents and scenes

Sixto Ferrero - Diari La Veu
26 June 2017
Soprano Jessica Pratt had already given us a small taste of her capabilities, two years ago, in a brief appearance for Mozart's Davidde Penitente. Friday she assumed the role of Amenaide and did it with an homogeneous timbre over the whole vocal register and with a projected vocal position. The English soprano received one of the loudest ovations before the curtain call and maintained the quality throughout the opera, refining arias of extreme difficulty with emphasis and elegance. Should we make a ranking, now that the season is ending, Pratt is without any doubt, the great triumpher.

Tancredi, a first-time Rossini at the Palau

Arturo Reverter - El Cultural
26 June 2017
Amenaide is the fresh and young Jessica Pratt, with silvery voice, and easy coloratura.

Daniela Barcellona and Jessica Pratt, an almost perfect pair for "Tancredi"

Joan CastellĂł - el Periodico - EFE
26 June 2017
The excellent performance of both the mezzo Barcellona and soprano Pratt add to the brave and passioned musical direction of Roberto Abbado... No less the British soprano Jessica Pratt with a captivating voice and a prodigious agility, has played an Amenaide that fights against adversities... Pratt clearly obtained the favor of the public with the virtuosity with which she sang arias and cavatinas such as "No, che il morir non Ăš", in addition to beautiful duets with Daniela Barcellona. The two protagonists fought the brass with courage, since their respective scores are of a great vocal exigency. They offered evocative moments in which, above all, they emphasized the beauty of their voices.

Review: 'Tancredi', Gioachino Rossini, at Palau de les Artes

RaĂșl Chamorro Mena - Codalario
26 June 2017
... [Jessica Pratt] showed her "belcantista" qualities, that sense of embellishment of every sentence, of every resolution, that legato of the good old school, the control of the dynamics as well as the good exhibition of coloratura and easiness with the super high notes. Well-coordinated with Barcelona in the two magnificent duets (one for each act), she reached the apex in the great scene of the second act “Gran Dio!...Giusto Dio che adoro umile” with a good display of coloratura that won a great ovation of the audience.

The tragic resonance of eternal silence

Daniel MartĂ­nez Babiloni - Audio ClĂĄsica
25 June 2017
Both Daniela Barcelona and Jessica Pratt, who sang this version in Laussan, have deeply interiorised their roles. Together they formed a beautiful couple. ... Pratt expressed herself with great taste, building her character both from a recitative and a vocal point of view. She showed beautiful legati and picchiettati.

The high notes

10 October 2016
Operatic soprano Jessica Pratt and SOI resident conductor Piotr Borkowski, who will perform this evening, have both been influenced by their fathers and share a love for jazz
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Jessica Pratt featured on hello

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Jessica Pratt featured on Vogue Italia
Melodrama queen

Valentina Bonelli
12 February 2013
Regina del belcanto, l'australiana Jessica Pratt ha stregato i fans italiani con le sue appassionate eroine della lirica. Cui presta la propria voluttuosa bellezza anglosassone.


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Candide Leonard Bernstein English 1 4
Ciro in Babilonia Gioacchino Rossini Italian 2 6
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Die Zauberflöte W. A. Mozart German 2 10
Don Giovanni W. A. Mozart Italian 3 8
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I Puritani Vincenzo Bellini Italian 12 27
Il Barbiere di Siviglia Gioacchino Rossini Italian 1 3
Il Signor Bruschino Gioacchino Rossini Italian 1 3
L'Africaine Giacomo Mayerbeer French 1 4
L'elisir d'amore Gaetano Donizetti Italian
La bohĂšme Giacomo Puccini Italian 1 3
La fille du régiment Gaetano Donizetti French 1 3
La Juive Fromental Halévy French 1 3
La Sonnambula Vincenzo Bellini Italian 9 26
La Sposa di Messina Nicola Vaccaj Italian 1 1
La Traviata Giuseppe Verdi Italian 2 7
Le Comte d'Ory Gioacchino Rossini French 1 1
Le convenienze e inconvenienze teatrali Gaetano Donizetti Italian 2 7
Linda di Chamounix Gaetano Donizetti Italian 1 6
Lucia di Lammermoor Gaetano Donizetti Italian 25 77
Messa di Gloria Gioacchino Rossini Latin 1 2
Otello Gioacchino Rossini Italian 2 5
Rigoletto Giuseppe Verdi Italian 7 22
Roméo et Juliette Charles Gounod French 1 3
Rosmonda d'Inghilterra Gaetano Donizetti Italian 2 6
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